• Compare Features
    • Custom Domain
      Get a free custom domain name (example.com) with this plan to use for your website.
    • Email & Live Chat Support
      High quality support to help you get your website up and running and working how you want it.
    • Dozens of Free Themes
      Access to a wide range of professional theme templates for your website so you can find the exact design you're looking for.
    • Premium Themes
      Allows you to give access to selected themes to a Pro Site level.
    • Basic Design Customization
      Customize your selected theme template with pre-set color schemes, background designs, and font styles.
    • Premium Themes
      Access to of our advanced premium theme templates, including templates specifically tailored for businesses.
    • Storage Space
      With increased storage space you'll be able to upload more images, audio, and documents to your website.
    • Remove GhBlog.net Ads
      Allow your visitors to visit and read your website without seeing any GhBlog.net advertising.
    • Monetize your site
      Add advertising to your site through our advertising program and earn money from impressions.
    • SEO Tools
      Adds tools to enhance your site's content for better results on search engines and social media.
    • Remove GhBlog.net Branding
      Keep the focus on your site's brand by removing the GhBlog.net footer branding.
  • Personal
  • $200.00
    every 12 months
    That's equivalent to only
    • Limited Access
    • 5GB
  • Premium
  • $300.00
    every 12 months
    That's equivalent to only
    • Unlimited Access
    • 10GB